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I have opened this website to pay love and tribute to our dearest Martina.Can anyone imagine how we love her?  How we miss her?  Her going is a tragedy for us.If you visit this site please light a candle for Martina, if you have, thank you so much.

Martina was born on the 3rd July 1979 at 2.10am.  She was born at home at Wanstead Park Road, Ilford, Essex; weighing 9lbs.  She had lots of dark hair.  When Olivia (her eldest sister) told her cousin Elaine that 'there was a baby upstairs in my house' - Elaine didn't believe her as she hadn't mentioned anything about it all day.

She started school at 5 yrs of age at St. Mary's Convent Primary school in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland.  Her first teacher was Miss Rice - she loved her teacher and was allowed to 'tidy her handbag' regularly.  She started school in September and by October she had come home one day and said ' I have tried school and would rather be at home with you'; It was very difficult to explain that there was little choice.

We moved to England when Martina was 10 yrs old in 1989.  She then attended another 'St. Mary's' for a year before going to secondary school at St. John Fisher in Chatham; leaving after completing her A levels.

Martina worked at Aldridge and Son for a few years before moving to Deloitte where she was a PA to Aaron.  She was more than just his PA - a great friend as well so much so that she was invited to attend his stag weekend.

Martina had been unwell for quite along time before she told us anything about it.  We found out in October 2003.  After numerous tests and treatments Martina left us on the 14th April 2004.

Tributes and Condolences
Josie  / Oliver Kennedy (Cousin)
Josie thank you for the lovely message. Martina keep safe and well and look after your family. Oliver
Today  / Mum (mother)
Dear,dearest Martina,                                    I am so lucky to have ...  Continue >>
Oliver  / MUM (MUM)
Dear,dear Oliver,                 You are in my thoughts today on Dearest Tony's Birthday.   It touches me so much when you light a candle for Tony and  Martina ...  Continue >>
Our Race for Life   / Karen Docherty
Feel like I knew you from the very funny stories that your sisters tell. In June Tahera and I did the Race for Life at Mote Park, it only seemed right to have your name on my back.           &nbs...  Continue >>
Love you   / Philippa Thomas (Sister)
Love you xxxxx
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BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMAN  / Shari Whitehead (VISITOR)    Read >>
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